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BCRS exhibits all those characteristics that make web-based systems the most popular:
    Easy to manage
    Low maintenance cost
    Stable and secure
    Fast and reliable access from any location
    Maintenance from any location
    Online, 24 hours a day – for bookings and/or for changes
    Part of an international car rental Global Distribution System (GDS)

Your booking management system demo

BCRS Demo System Manual

Public graphic (web) customer booking This can be restructured and done with a design of Your choice and liking.
Public designed (web) customer booking This is a system with our design example. Can be replaced with a design of Your choice and liking.
Password - protected admin interface
Username: yourrent
Password: yourrent
Includes: add admin info, mail admin, client database management, etc.

System can be either in Your server or in a server provided by Titanium Systems Inc.

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